High Performance Refractories
High Performance Refractories
Ceramics - Kiln Furniture

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials has developed a complete line of refractory products for Ceramic Industry including bricks and shapes for kiln linings, burner nozzles, rollers for roller hearth furnaces, components for kiln car construction and innovative kiln furniture systems.

This unique product line results from the synergistic integration of the technologies and know-how of the four former leading companies : NORTON, AnnaWerk, CESIWID and CARBORUNDUM



Our first-to market unique LO-MASS® kiln furniture systems, engineered for maximum strength and minimum mass integrates the famous refractory brands ( Crystar® 2000, Advancer®, AnnaSicon ®RT, AnnaSicon® RTH, Hexoloy® and Silit®SK), to produce lighter weight kiln cars with increased capacity and longer life. Our kiln furniture system benefits include higher productivity, lower ware rejection, faster firing cycles, lower finish and grinding costs and easier automated loading and unloading of products

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Saint-Gobain Ceramics Materials' unique team of application engineers and material scientists will assess your needs and recommend a system that meets the requirements of your operation

Introducing ALUNDEX® Kiln Furniture

New ALUNDEX® refractory grade alumina/mullite kiln furniture designed for high creep resistance applications. See our new ad (.pdf)


Alundex Won't Creep in Extreme Heat (ad)